How To Use a Charcoal Grill?

How to use a charcoal grill

Grilling of meat can be done using different methods such as the gas grill, charcoal grill and electric grill. Charcoal grill is mostly used by many because it is the most affordable method among the three. Charcoal grilling is actually a great fun and this type of grilling produces great tasting food. You can use traditional briquettes in lighting up this grill. Traditional briquettes do not cost a lot, they light easily burn for a long time with steadness. For those individuals who may wish to have a more intense and smoky flavor, they are advised to go for hardwood charcoal in lighting up their grill.These grills are normally hot and burn very fast. They are cost effective compared to gas or electric grill.

How To Use a Charcoal Grill?

The easiest way to get the charcoal grill going is to start up the grill with the charcoal chimney. Then stuff the newspapers loosely inside the bottom of a chimney and then fill the chimney with charcoal. Ensure that you also remove top grate from the grill and place the chimney inside. You can then light up the newspapers and allow the charcoal to burn to the point of being covered with the white gray ash. Remove the top grate from the grill. Using the protective grill gloves hold the chimney and pour the charcoal into grill. To your food from sticking into the grill, take the paper towel that is soaked in the vegetable oil and spread over it on the grates using tongs.

It takes around five to ten minutes for coals get the perfect sear on the outer part but ensure the inside is kept juicy. If you grill using high heat, create two fire zone. Stack some coals on one part of thee grill using higher temperature cooking and less charcoal to give lower temperature cooking on the other side of the grill. As you continue with the grilling, sear the foods on the hot zone and then move over into cooler zone to prepare your food without burning. After you have finished grilling allow your meet to rest for five minutes on the cutting board. Grilling your meat using charcoal grill will be very easy if you properly follow the basics. This method is simple, convenient effective and efficient. The summary of the simple steps on how to use charcoal grill include the following:

  • Clean any dirt or ash on the grill before you use the grill
  • Remove grill grates from the charcoal grill
  • Open the vents that are on the bottom of the grill
  • Arrange charcoal briquettes in the pyramid
  • You can then add lighter fluid into the charcoal
  • Light the charcoal
  • Spread charcoal briquettes
  • Replace grilling grates
  • Cook the food


Charcoal grill is one of the methods of grilling meat for a delicious meal. This method is liked by many because it is cost effective and takes longer time or period to burn and give all the services you may want. Many charcoal grills available in the market have great design that ensures enough heat is supplied. They also have multiple vents that lets you control and experience a superior cooking abilities.

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