How To Use a Bread Machine?

How to use a bread machine

Baking your own bread at home is cheaper than buying one for yourself. Home cooked bread is sweet and cheaper and it is really fun to do that. You can prepare all types of delicious recipes using a bread maker. From the standard white bread to the brown ones and special breads such as the sun-dried tomato and garlic. You can also add fruits and nuts to make your bread taste better. These bread makers can also enable you create breads such as wheat free or gluten. Bread makers are simple and easy to use. Most of them have extra features that allow you to delay your baking process. They normally start cooking up to 15 hours later enabling you prepare your ingredients well a night before and then waking into a freshly baked bread. This machines are fully automatic. They have automatic nut and fruit dispensers that enables the user leave the machine completely unattended while he or she is on other things. The machine will add the ingredients automatically for you. How to use a bread machine is simple and can be described below.

How To Use a Bread Machine?

The following are steps on how to use a bread machine to get a better bread :

  1. Know your machine well and identify all the features with their respective functions. There is a control panel and hinged lid that can be lifted and shut easily. Also we have bread pan inside the machine that works as both baking and mixing pan. Know of the important parts for making bread like the machine itself, bread bucket and kneading blade. The kneading blade and bread bucket are removable.
  2. Find out the capacity of the bread bucket. You can find it out by taking out the bread bucket and then set it next to your sink. You can then get the measuring cup and fill the cup with water and then find out the number cups added to get the total. If the bread bucket is capable of holding 10 cups of water, you will be able to make 1 to � pound loaves of bread. For twelve cups, you can make two pound loaves of bread. If it is less than ten cups, you will be able to make one pound of bread.
  3. Ensure you are familiar with all the settings and controls
  4. Get the ingredients for making the bread. Some of the basic ingredients includes yeast, salt, liquids, sugar, flour and fats.
  5. Add the ingredients in the correct order so that you keep them inert until you start the baking process. You can start by putting the liquids into the machine. Add the flour and then put in other dry ingredients. Yeast will be the last thing that you will add.
  6. Put all these ingredients in a bread pan and then snap your bread pan into the place. Make sure you use a tested and trusted recipe and then place your ingredients into a bread bucket in a correct order.
  7. Select your preferred cycle and figure out number of hours you have before the loaf is finished baking.
  8. You can use the arrow buttons in adjusting the baking time on a display screen and then close everything and press the start button to begin the baking process.


How to use a bread machine is very simple as described above. With this machine, it is easier to figure out the size and number of loafs you are capable of preparing. This machine is simple to use and cheaper. It can prepare delicious bread compared to the one you buy. Making your own bread at home using the bread maker is also a great fun. The user can set the time he or she wants to bake the bread and this machines are very fast.

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