How To Safely Use a Meat Slicer?

How to safely use a meat slicer

A meat slicer is a tool used mostly in butcher shops, delicatessens and even at home to slice meats, cheeses, sausages and other deli products. This is actually one of the most valuable tool one should never miss it in the kitchen. It actually slices various types of products more evenly and uniformly than when it is done using hands. There are different types of meat slicers available in the market with different options and features. We have manual meat slicer and automatic meat slicer. The manual meat slicer requires elbow grease to operate well. The user will also move meat back and forth to make a slice manually. Automatic slicer will automatically move the carriage using electric motor to make slices. They normally have single operating speed. Below are some of the tips on how to safely use a meat slicer.

How To Safely Use A Meat Slicer?

The following are procedures on how to safely use a meat slicer.

  1. Make sure you wear the cut-resistant gloves anytime you are operating slices of meat
  2. As you start, ensure that your machine is switched into the manual mode
  3. Plug the meat slicer and then adjust the blade into the desired thickness by rotating a black knob located at the front of the device
  4. Pressure the product that you are slicing by the use of weight handle
  5. Adjust the diagonal plate to enable hold the product being sliced into place, this plates will normally run the length of product
  6. The moment you are ready to slice the product, ensure that the black lever is switched into manual position and the speed selector button in at low speed mode
  7. Start slicing the product one slice every time by moving the weight handle physically back and forth. Confirm the first few slices if they are at a desired thickness.
  8. You can decide to use an automatic slicing alternative after a desired cut is achieved by rotating the lever into the right to an automatic position and keeping the speed selector in a low position. Press or pull the start/stop button to start an automatic slicing and then push it in to stop an automatic slicing.
  9. After gaining some experience with manual and automatic functions, you can adjust your speed into fast mode
  10. After completing your process, return the speed selector into low speed and the lever into manual position. Adjust blade into the thickness to zero by simply turning the black knob into the left side and then unplug the machine.
  11. As the machine is off and in unplugged position, clean it using wet and soapy towel. You can then wipe the machine down using a sanitizer
  12. Ensure you apply a lot of caution when cleaning to avoid any injuries


As indicated above, meat slicer is a small device that is used to cut meat or other product into smaller desired slices. This machine can either be operated manually or automatically or you can operate the machine using both options. The above points are some of the key points on how to safely use a meat slicer. Follow all those steps effectively and you will get the best results.

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