How To Grill Chicken On a Gas Grill?

How to grill chicken on a gas grill

There are many ways of cooking your favorite meat such as chicken, beef and pork. At the same time, we have different means and kinds of cooking equipments you can choose from in terms of cooking and grilling. Grilling chicken using gas grill is one of the types of cooking your meat for a delicious meal. How to grill your chicken using the gas grill gives us valuable techniques and experiences for the better meal. This process requires patience and the user should constantly turn the meat as the grilling process continues.
Most people choose gas grill when grilling chicken over other grills for various reasons. Some of the reasons include speed of grilling, convenience, taste, space, grilling process and authenticity. The gas grill for instance gives best results when grilling chicken because it does not give out a smoke flavor. Gas grill is actually convenient because it takes short time to heat up and start up the grilling process.

How To Grill Chicken On a Gas Grill?

Grilling chicken on the gas grill is quick and easy, but the user has to apply some few tricks to get the best meal. The following are procedures to be followed when grilling chicken using the gas grill

1- Preparing The Chicken

Preparing The Chicken

Wash your hands using warm water and soap and then prepare chicken pieces. Use the knife in trimming off any skin or excess fat and then wash the chicken pieces with cold water. Pat the pieces dry with the paper towel.
Pound your boneless chicken pieces flat until they are 3/4 inches thick and place them inside the plastic. You can then whack your chicken with the rolling pin to ensure that they cook evenly.
You can choose to butterfly the whole chicken in order to cut down on the cooking time.
Marinate the chicken breasts in a fridge for about four to 12 hours. Use the rub on the chicken thighs and legs and brin the chicken using salt water for about two to three hours.

2- Grilling the chicken

Grilling the chicken

Start by ensuring that the grills are clean. Brush the grill using the grill brush and also scrub the grate clean.

Start up your grill. You can have two zone fire if you want to cook different cuts of the chicken. It means that one part of the grill will be hot while the other part will be less hot. For wings, legs and breasts, you can use direct or medium heat while for boneless thighs, you can use direct heat

Oil your grill by wiping the grill down using oily brush. This is because the chicken sticks to the dirty grill and oiling it prevents the chicken from sticking.

Place your pieces of chicken on the grill and then replace the grill cover. Ensure that you are placing a boneless pieces on the direct heat if you are using a two zone fire.

Place your bone-in chicken pieces on the hottest part of the gas grill and then cook them over direct heat for about three to four minutes turning them once. After grilling them for four minutes, you can then transfer into the cooler part of a grill for proper finish.

Grill your chicken while covering your grill until it is done. Covering your grill is necessary since it traps heat and helps the chicken in retaining the moisture.

You can choose to add barbeque or glaze sauce at the last ten minutes

3- Finishing and serving

Test your chicken for doneness by either sticking the meat thermometer into the chicken or cutting one pieces open.
Remove your chicken from heat and then allow it to rest for about five minutes before you serve it.
Choose to serve the chicken using glaze or some sauce
It is important to wash and clean everything which came into contact with the raw chicken before you use it again.


Many people around the world grill their meat using gas grill. Actually gas grill are the most commonly used grill because of their quality results. The gas grill can grill your meat conveniently, fast and instantly. When grilling your chicken using gas grill, then the above procedures wilklo be necessary.

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