How To Get Started With 3D Printing

How to get started with 3d printing

The new technology of 3D printers has finally arrived in the market and most people and companies are now using it. You can use this type of technology in creating any type of object they want in a short period. From creating the simple toy into an elaborate blueprint for the building. 3d printers can take great designs of objects and make them efficient with very low cost. How to get started with 3d printing means asking the user to learn first. This machine turns the digital design into the physical objects with the help of various substances from plastic materials into ceramic materials. 3d is simply a method of creating solid object from the digital 3D model.

How To Get Started With 3D Printing

Step one: Select the design of the printer

For those individuals who know how to use the CAD software, it makes it easier for them to work out the process effectively. If this is your first time to use this type of technology, the best option is actually to use another person’s work. Take some great designs from different sites. There are many digital designs for various objects where you can obtain your design. This include ice scrapers, watches and side tables. If you will not find any existing design online, find a 3d designer to do it for you. There are also 3d printing apps that can help you do the designing by yourself. Choose designs that are fast and simple to use.

Step two: Choose your materials

First 3D printers only produced printers with plastic parts. Today’s printers can handle different materials. Metals such as steel or titanium can do best. Individuals who use FFF printer, they will want plastic, nylon or ABS. These materials are flexible and tough enough for functional parts such as gears and integral hinges. These materials can withstand the hot temperatures. For objects that captures a lot of details, you can use resin which gives the best smooth surface and a great ability of showing details more especially when you use high powered SLA lasers.

Step three: Find the printer

Go to libraries and find free access to these printers charging by the materials used. Go to the store check on 3d printers with various features and functions. Also you can go online to find and check on various printers. Check the design and select the printer with the best materials. After checking and going through all the available printers, you can then choose the right 3d printer for your work.


3D printing technology has greatly made printing easier. This technology is simple to use and does very fast. It also prints quality images. If you are new to this type of technology, there are simple steps on how to get started with 3d printing. You will start by selecting the design of the object. This design can be gotten from online or from already existing design. After finding the best design, you can then choose the right material and find out the best 3d printer. Follow these steps correctly and you will get the right 3d printer for you.

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