How To Connect Projector To Laptop?

How to connect projector to laptop

Projectors also known as front projectors or a two piece projection system is typically used to present video and data on a separate screen which is either mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling. Projectors generate largest possible picture whereby the actual size of the image can go up to 300 inch diagonal or more than that. In reality the size of the projector’s image is normally limited by its light output. Standard projectors produce quality images at the size of 90 inch to 120 inch diagonal. This is far more than anything you will get from the flat screen TV or the rear projection TVs.

Having a theater projector at home means that you will add whole new meaning and fun to games, movies and even television programs. Due to high rate of technology advancement, projectors have become affordable for any average person to have a true cinema experience. They enable you watch anything at home. Installing these devices is easy and they don’t require a lot of space. Projectors are also portable and they support a lot of inputs connectivity. They come with lamps which usually lasts for long period like 5,000 hours.

How To Connect Projector To Laptop?

Connecting your laptop with the projector is relatively a simple process. Knowing the proper procedures followed when connecting the laptop into the projector is very important for professionals. Ensure that you know how to do this by yourself. Knowing this will help you plan your presentations in advance. The following are simple steps to be followed when you want to connect your laptop to the projector.

  • Determine the type of connection your laptop supports. Most laptops have single display connection. Normally there are three main kinds of connections that the laptop may have; HDMI, VGA or DVI. Ensure that your projector is compatible with the port of the laptop
  • Make sure that the laptop and projector are both turned off and then connect the video cable you have selected into the rightful port that matches that one of the projector. If you are using the VGA cable, ensure that you secure the cable tightly by tightening the screws on every side of the plug
  • Turn on the projector and your laptop
  • If you may require some audio for your presentation, you can then connect the laptop’s audio out port to the projector or any other sound system.
  • Press the monitor button on the laptop which is mostly located among one of the f keys and hold it for a while to access it
  • Right click the function key to synchronize the projector and laptop and you will be done with the process.


Laptops and computers are great for playing and working on the go, but sometimes this devices become a nuisance because of their small screen. This is the reason why we have looked some of the procedures followed if you want to connect a laptop to the projector. Procedures are simple and easy to follow. You will only determine the type of cables and ports options available for you to connect. Set your laptop and projector on and then do the necessary settings on the laptop to complete your process.

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