How To Clean Gas Grill After Use?

How To Clean Gas Grill After Use

In most cases, propane or natural gas is used as a main source of fuel in gas grill. The lifespan of a gas grill is long but can be shortened by the user if he or she don’t clean it regularly. It should also be maintained regularly to increase its lifespan. If gas grill is not attended for a period of time, it can face dangers such as bunners getting clogged, gunk building up which may cause small fires and rusting of grill parts. Sometimes, it sounds worse to clean the gas grill especially after the user has had a nice time preparing all types of delicious meals than thinking of benefits of cleaning this gas grill. Below are measures on how to clean a gas grill after use.

How To Clean Gas Grill After Use?

1- Tools required for cleaning gas grill

The first thing to think about before cleaning your gas grill is what to be used in cleaning. A wire brush with bristles made of brass is one of the necessary tools required. The brush should not be of any kind. this is because of the better results the user may wish to have. Other tools to be used include: scouring pads, steel wool, aluminium foil, dish soap, sponge or even rugs . If the gas grill is made of stainless steel, scouring pads to be used in cleaning should be non-abrasive.

2- Cleaning process

Cleaning gas grill may take a little bit more work than other grills. The user should either clean it immediately after use, when it is still warm or turn up the heat high if he or she will clean it after it has cooled down. It is good for the grill to heat for about seven minutes for better burning of excess grease.

3- Cleaning the grill grates

Grill grates are mostly clogged with grease. Heating grills before you clean helps burning off the grease from the grates. This makes it easier in brushing off the cooked food wastes from the grates. The user can also find some difficulties in cleaning between the grates. But using the aluminium foil makes it easier. This is a good and better choice when it is balled. Also it can be used in scrubbing between the grates. After cooling off, use a soapy steel wool piece for a final cleaning of the grates.
more scrubbing may be required if the grill hasn’t been cleaned in a while. If the coating of the grates is non-sticky, scouring pads should be used instead. In case of a cast iron grate, spraying it with a cooking oil or rubbing it a bit using a paper towel is necessary. This will keep the grates from rusting.

4- Cleaning the interior parts

For a better cleaning of the interior parts, the gas grill will have to be taken out. This requires a bit of knowledge in order to avoid injuries and handling the parts of the grill wrongly. The user should always follow the manual when separating grill parts and putting them together after cleaning. Use the wire brush in scrubbing the interior parts. Wet scouring pads can then be used with soapy water in wiping to clean the pads.

5- Cleaning lava tops

To some extent, a gas grill may have lava rocks. The rocks’ tops are mostly covered with grease. Burning the grill before disassembling it will help also in burning off of this grease. Use the wet towel and clean the lava tops gently. After cleaning all the parts leave your grill to dry before returning everything into its position.


Cleaning a gas grill may be a difficult and challenging job, but with proper guidelines and procedure the work can be easier. Leaving your gas grill clean after use enables you to prepare a delicious and taste meal in future. Ensure that your grill is clean all the time. Clean the grill grates, all the interior parts and lava tops. Use the wet towels in cleaning the grill and let the grill dry before keeping it.

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