How To Choose The Best Charcoal Grill?

How to choose the best charcoal grill

Grilling hot dogs to chicken to beer-can and to the perfectly cooked burger is a quintessential part of the summer when you are with your friends and family. No matter the number of different BBQ grills or various types of cooking methods, nothing adds a great flavor like the charcoal grill. While the electric and gas grill give a certain amount of convenience and have their own benefits, most people tend to choose charcoal grills. The heat and smoke produced from the burning charcoal gives juicy meats with a kind of delicious and distinct flavor.

The charcoal grill produces the smoky taste that definitely gives the main reason as to why most people prefer this type of grilling options. The heat and smoke produced from the burning charcoal gives juicy meats with a kind of delicious and distinct flavor that is associated by many chefs during summer grilling. Other reasons as to why you should choose charcoal grill it is because they are affordable and portable, they get hot and are traditional.

How To Choose The Best Charcoal Grill

There are three types of charcoal grills that an individual will come across when looking for the one to buy from. All the three types are available in different sizes and are sold at different prices. The three types of charcoal grill include; kettle grills, barrel grills and smokers, and ceramic and kamado grills. Below are some of the factors to consider when you are choosing the best charcoal grill.


For many customers, cost is one factor that will always be on top of the mind of the customer. This has to be a concern more especially when choosing your charcoal grill. If the cost is effective and affordable then choose the product before going into another factor. Ensure that the cost is effective and the grill provides all the features that you need. While it is possible to get a charcoal grill at $100, most customers will want to choose grills that are a bit higher for one or another reason. Spending an extra coin can get you a bigger cooking area, sturdy construction and a grill with a better flavor.


Size is also another important feature to consider as you choose your charcoal grill. There are two main considerations regarding to the size of the grill. The first one is how big the charcoal grill is and the second one is how large is the cooking surface. Choose the grill that is light and more portable especially if you are going to camp or into your friend’s house. The cooking surface is important and it mostly depends on the number of people you are going to grill the meat for. If you have many friends, then choose the grill with large cooking surface.

Cooking uses

Hot dogs and burgers are one thing. They are relatively easy to prepare on any type of the grill. Ensure that you are aware of the type of meal you are going to prepare before you choose your type of grill. Mostly bullet and barrel type of grills are better compared to kettle when it comes into the preparation of meat. But the ceramic grills are known to be the best for various flavors including baking pizza or bread.

Temperature control

The home grillers who mostly care about the precision will want to choose the grill that enables you control the temperature. The lid of the grill actually plays a great role in controlling temperature. The tight fitting lid is necessary to matter the kind or the brand you go with. The important thing to remember is that the grill you buy has at least two dampers to let the oxygen in and exhaust it out.


Best charcoal grill is the one that can be properly maintained and last for many years. Look for the grill with a solid durability by checking the quality of the materials and its construction. Spend some extra cash and get the brand with strong reputation that can last for long.


Safety is one of the most important factor to consider before you buy a charcoal grill. Make sure you understand well how the grill works and read the instructions and understand the basics on how the grill works. The important thing to look in the charcoal grill in terms of safety is the grill that is sturdy.


One of the final thing or considerations the buyer should make as he or she chooses the type of charcoal grill is the brand of the grill. As we have seen above , we have three types of charcoal grill where you can choose from. Ensure that you choose your grill by considering the size of the grill, cost, durability and safety of the grill. Choose the one that best fits all your requirements. Also the type of meal you will prepare is another important factor as indicated above.

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