How To Choose Best Projector For You?

How to choose best projectorA projector is a device used to present an enlarged image on the screen from transparency such as the photographic film or slide. In motion picture projector, every frame is stationary held at an illuminated aperture for a short period, and then moved by an intermittent sprocket, the light being cut off by the rotating shutter as the movement continues. The audio track on the film is normally reproduced in a separate sound head where film is continuously moved at constant speed. Average projector can produce the picture resolution of 800 by 600 pixels. Projectors have varied contrast and brightness levels. The brightness usually varies from 1300 to 1500 lumens.

The common parts of the projector includes the feed spool, projection lens, take up spool, xenon arc lamp, optical sound head, an aperture, rotating shutter and normal lens. Because of advanced technologies, projectors now produce quality pixels to give clear pictures. The availability of DLP projectors, LCD projectors and video projectors have helped people enjoy the experience of the big theater hall in the living room. Most projectors use a metal halide lamps so that they can generate the necessary intensity of light for the projector.

How To Choose Best Projector?

Since projectors are very popular and most effective method of presenting tools for business, church, community, and classroom or for entertainment use. Before you choose your best projector, it is important to know the intended use of the projector and the audience size, it is also necessary to learn about types of projectors. The following are some of the common factors to consider before you choose your projector :

1- Determine the common use and space available for the projector

This will help the user narrow down all important attributes required when choosing the right projector for your home or business use. Attributes like weight should be considered more especially if you will be required to transport the projector frequently. But for fixed installation, the weight will not be an important attribute. Portable LCD projectors are heavier than portable DLP projectors.

2- Learn about factors that categorize and evaluate the projectors

Resolution is one of the factors that evaluate and categorize projectors. For example those projectors used in viewing videos in large auditorium or room requires higher resolution compared to those used for PowerPoint presentations in the office. Choose the projector with high enough resolution for most frequent use. As indicated above, a resolution of 800 by 600 DPI is adequate for the basic PowerPoint presentations in the office.

Contrast and brightness are also necessary elements of image quality. The brightness of the projector is normally measured in lumens. Choose the projector which is rated for most brightly lit uses that you may anticipate. The large the screen size, the more the brightness will be required.

3- Budget

Decide how much you are able to spend on the projector. Normally projectors are available in different and wide range of prices. It is important to budget and balance well the cost and performance of the projector before you choose one for you. When you are budgeting for the projector, it is important to include the screen and other attributes like monitors and cabling on the total budget.

Determine types and number of inputs and outputs you need when you choose your projector. For example if you are going to project to the monitor as well as the screen, so that the speaker can refer to the presentation, choose the projector with the second VGA, HDMI or video output. If you are planning to project the video, it is important to decide whether to buy HDMI, composite or the component video input.


How to choose the best projector therefore requires you to consider various factors and attributes before you choose one. Some of the common factors to consider when choosing your projector includes the budget, types and number of inputs and outputs required, learn about the various factors that categorize and evaluate projectors and finally determine the common use and available space for the projector. Projectors come in different types and models, they also vary in prices, therefore take your time and choose the projector that suits all your needs.

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