How To Choose Best Espresso Machine?

How to choose best espresso machineEspresso is a particular type of coffee brewing method which normally uses high pressure force a boiling water through the finely ground coffee in less than 30 seconds. Using espresso machine is the best way to prepare easy espresso shots or cappuccinos. Coffee espresso machines are popular and there are many reasons as to why you should buy one for your home use. If you are someone who likes spending extra money at a local coffee chain and you love the luxury of the espresso drink, then this will be some of the reasons why you should have one for your home use. When buying your own espresso machines, there are some features, tips and considerations that are necessary. Below are guidelines as how to choose best espresso machine from the many brands in the market.

How To Choose Best Espresso Machine?

Espresso machine is mostly used to make espresso shots, macchiato, cappuccino, latte or mocha. The following are some of the common factors to consider when choosing the best espresso machine.


The price tag for espresso machines in the market is very huge and there are certain factors which makes some difference in cost. There are models where you will pay more for quality and durability of materials. While in other models, the high cost may have to do with the extra features that are included. Sometimes the user or buyer can pay for ease of use or better tasting espresso. And those costly models actually combines several of these things. If you are looking for either flavor of the beverage or the time it will take to make the drink, then you will have to go for an espresso machine that is on high end of the price tag. And if you are the person who is not concerned with the ease of use and you are satisfied with the drink, then you may go for the lower end price range models.

Ease of use

It is clear that if you go through the description of various types of espresso machines available in the market today, a big factor that differentiate them is how easy and convenient the machine is. If you are looking for the model with which a lot of the process is fully automatic, you can easily get the machine. There are also models that makes some of the most complicated beverages such as cappuccinos with only a press of the button. If convenience is also one of your top priority, choose an espresso machine that falls into more programmable and automated categories. It is important to remember that you get all the buttons and extra features before you buy.

Drink preferences

If you care about quality of the espresso flavor then there are many things to consider. For example the number of boilers the machine has can definitely make a big difference, if the espresso machine uses steam pressure for making espresso and the temperature the machine can get into. Consider the machine that will give you the best quality you wish to have. Choose an espresso machine considering your drink preferences.


Choose the machine considering the materials the machine is made of. Espresso machines made of metals tend to last for long period compared to the ones made of plastic and other materials. Also machines made of metal materials tend to maintain heat efficiently. Also the buyer should know that highly automated machines with lot of electric parts requires repairs more compared to the manual espresso machines.


We have espresso machine that are pretty big while others small. For those individuals with limited kitchen space, choose the machine that is small in size to fit your counters well. Some big models have extra useful features and make two espresso shots at once. This can be beneficial hence making the big size espresso machine worth it.


From the above guidelines on how to choose the best espresso machine, it is evident that there are many factors to consider before you choose one for your home use. Also there are some extra features you should consider such as the built-in coffee grinder, quality of the water filter, cup warmer and programmable settings. Others include the frothing wand, customer service and ease of cleaning. Another last thing you should keep in mind is the quality of the model.

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