How To Choose Best 3D Printer?

How to choose best 3D printer

Advancement in technology today has made many people enjoy convenience and ease of things that technology brings. Every time there is always new technological idea presented to the market or public. Thanks to the machine called 3D printer. 3D printing is the process of printing objects for use. It starts very simple. The user will only create any image in the computer software and then scan the image. The scanned image will then be sent to the printer which will then print the image in a 3D format. 3D printing can be applied in many area such as in the medical field where they are used in making low cost prosthetics. Also it can be used at schools or homes for kids. It helps kids image and create their own toys. For beginners who are interested in starting out a 3D industry, choosing the best 3d printer is important. The following are some of the key points to consider on how to choose best 3d printer.

How To Choose Best 3d Printer?

Before you choose the right 3d printer, there are certain things you need to consider :


Budget is one of the key things to consider before choosing best 3d printer. These printers normally range from some hundred dollars to tens of thousands of US dollars. Mostly there are some great choices between 400 dollars to 1000 dollars but it is necessary to make some compromises.

Print size

Depending on the kind of objects you want to print, it will automatically affect the bed size and printing capacity of the printer. They are mostly 6 by 6 by 6 inch upwards with 8 inch being the popular size for most individuals. There are also some massive capacity printers of various quality for a bigger and better folks.

Your experience

Do you have any experience in 3D printing? Have you ever used 3d before? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before choosing the right 3d printer. If this is the first printer you are buying, it is then important to go into details and select the one with user-friendly features.

Materials you want to print

Most people like printing using vegetable plastic called PLA. It is a generic go to material. Also flexibility is another important thing, and Ninjaflex brand can do best. For more tough materials, use PETG, ABS, Nylon or even metal filaments which are abrasive to the nozzle. Materials also depend on features which can be used like heat resistant parts, heated bed and temperatures on the hot end.

Purpose of prints and specific filament size

Do you have any specific filament you want to use? Like the 3mm filament printers. As you have a specific filament size you wish to use and work with, it is also important to have a goal in the mind concerning the prints you want to make. Take an example, if the user wants to print armour and props, or RC parts or particularly tough. There are printers which are great at large sizes, fast prints but do not offer good quality at details.

Software to be used

Know the type of software you are using. Are you using windows/ Linux/Mac? Your software will automatically depend on your operating system. If the user has some physical constraints, it is not necessary to lean over the hot print bed to dial in the z axis sensor.


Before you leap into choosing the 3d printer, it is important to understand this machine well and know the reason you want it. This technology has greatly improved business operations and made work easier for many individuals. These printers come in different models and sizes. They also sell at various price ranges. How to choose the best 3d printer depends mostly on your budget, your printing experience, the size of the print and many other things.

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