How To Choose Best Projector Screen?

How to choose best projector screen

Projector screens are great product mostly used when you want the real move theater experience. This is a specially made flat screen that is normally hanged on an erected wall where the image or content is reflected so that the size of the picture is enlarged. There are different types of projector screens available in the market. We have home cinema projector screen, electric projector screens, manual projector screens, fixed frame projector screens, portable projector screens and movie board cinema projector screen. How to choose best projector screen will definitely depend on how well you know all these types of projector screens. All these projector screens are available in different, specialized projection materials that are made to add some quality into the video. These projector screens can be used in training room, home, board room and even in auditorium.

How To Choose Best Projector Screen

If you are ready to buy a projector screen but you are not sure the type of projector screen to choose, the following are some of the key steps to follow when choosing a projector screen;

Step one: The type of screen you want

There are different types of projection screen where you can choose from. We have fixed frame projector screen which are normally installed in one fixed location and they are ready to be used any time. There is also motorized screen which are installed at a fixed location and normally use a remote to operate them. The manual pull down projector screen is also another type of screen. They are also fixed in one location but the user must pull them down to use the screen. Finally there is pull screen which can be carried around. Choose the best that suits your needs.

Step two: The type of AV format you want

When choosing a projector screen, it is important to consider the type of AV format that you wish to use. There are three basic formats used: 1:1, 4:3 such as TV and the PC monitors and 16:9 such as movie screens. Select the one that meets your needs and you will have a great experience.

Step three: Color screen

The colors mostly used is white or gray. Most people say that gray color screens absorb ambient light better than the white color screen. White color projection screen are better choice to use mostly for those individuals with newer and higher contrast models.

Step four: Fabric

Choose the best fabric of the projector screen you want. Remember that the gain is the brightness of the screen from middle of the projector screen. When you have a gain of 1.0 it automatically means that the amount of light projected on your screen returns to the viewer the same brightness. No light will be absorbed and the light will be re-directed with a perfect uniformity from all viewing angles. We have different fabric such as glass beaded with a gain of more than 2.9, high brightness, high resolution and high contrast. Others include pearlux fabric, grey glass beaded, matt white, grey matt white, grey vinyle and white vinyle fabric.

Step five: Size of screen

When choosing the size of the screen, check the diagonal size of the screen. You will be looking at the recommended width of the screen, the recommended height of your screen, and the space margin needed by the screen when you will install it. After looking into all of these factors, you can then choose the best screen projector that can best suit you.


Because of the advanced technology, projection industry has greatly grown and now we have different types of projector screens available in our markets today. Projector screen enables you have a great experience in your home like that of the movie theater. These projector screen are of different models and sometimes they give different results in projecting. How you choose best projector screen will definitely depend on the above factors and steps. Follow them keenly and you will get the screen that makes you enjoy the quality of your videos.

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