Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Under $200, $300, $500 Of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Keeping yourself fit may sometimes correspond to a lot of gym workouts. But these days, the gym isn’t really the coolest place to stay fit. In fact, gym equipment can actually be part of the home. But there are several types of exercise equipment that can be used. One of the most valuable equipments is the exercise bike. The recumbent variety puts you on a reclining position during exercise. The purpose is to alleviate stress on the back and spinal area. The handles are placed near the seat. It means that the weight and pressure from the body is put on the hips and knees. Here you can find some of the most recommendable models.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Reviews 2022

Best recumbent exercise bike under $200

1-Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 – Highly recommended

  • Eight Levels of Preset Resistance
  • Recumbent Frame for Comfort, safe use
  • Large and Stunning Console Display
  • Built-In Transport Wheels
  • Lightweight
  • Generous Seat Space Design
  • Counterbalanced Pedals, foot straps

This Marcy Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike review will surely provide you with all the information about this amazing exercise bike, that helps you enjoy all your workout sessions.


The Marcy Marcy ME 709 bike is made to be very comfy and enjoyable, and this is made possible by the advanced features it has. These features are:

Step-through Frame Design – this bike is made using a step-through frame design. This design facilitates effortless entry and exit to the bike, thus you will be able to move quickly and swiftly in and out of the bike.

8 Preset Levels of Resistance – these settings allow you to adjust your resistance levels. Doing this ensures that you set the best tension level for you, be it hard or easy so as to ensure you enjoy your workout.

Computer Display – it is vital to keep track of your workout progress. This is the main reason why the computer display is incorporated in this bike. It displays distances, speed, time and calories burned.

Adjustable high-density foam Seat – you have to be comfortable on the material that you are sitting on in order for you to enjoy your workout. This high-density foam material is in place to offer you maximum coziness during your workout.

Weight Capacity – with the weight capacity of up to 300 lbs., this bike is suitable for people with all sizes and types because it can withstand their weight.

Easy-to-adjust Tension-Tightening Knob – in case you need to adjust the tension level, this knob can be adjusted easily to your own preferred level to ensure you have a smooth workout session.

Counterbalanced Pedals with Adjustable Foot Straps – the pedals are counterbalanced, and this creates the much needed balance between the two pedals. In addition, adjustable foot straps are in place to ensure that your feet do not slip out of the pedals during the workout.

Sturdy 14-gauge Steel Frame with Powder-coated Finish – the frame of this amazing exercise bike is made from 14-gauge steel, and as you know steel is known to be durable. This implies that this bike lasts longer than other exercises bikes.

Wheels – you may need to move your bike from one room to another. This is the reason why wheels are preinstalled for you to ensure that you transport it safely and effortlessly.

Great features imply numerous benefits, and these benefits include:

Smooth, quiet performance – noise is minimized in this bike and this allows you to carry out your workout while being at peace with yourself.
Compact Size – the size of this bike is very compact. This is very important as it facilitates easier movement and storing of the bike.
Easy to Operate – the basic machine part of this bike is very easy to use because all the needed information is provided for you.
Very Comfortable – the high-density foam material that is used to make the seat is very cozy, and this allows you to have an enjoyable workout session.


Contrary to the numerous benefits, this exercise bike bears the following disadvantages:

No heart rate monitor – a heart rate monitor is not incorporated in the bike. This makes it hard for the user to track their heart rate.

Resistance levels are not very challenging – some people have pointed out that the resistance levels are not tough enough.

Difficulty in adjusting – for you to adjust the resistance levels, you have to go through a tedious process and this bothers many users.

The Marcy Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike review above is truly the best guide that offers you all the facts you need to know about this marvelous exercise bike. Some disadvantages do exist but I is right to say that they are overshadowed by the benefits that this amazing bike offers you. Indeed, it is one of the best comfy exercise bike in the market.

2-Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

  • Eight-Level Magnetic Tensions System
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy Folding and Transport
  • Built-in Hand Pulse Monitor
  • Oversized Pedals and Seat with Cushion
  • Computer with LCD Display
  • Semi-Recumbent Design

This Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike review will inspire you and give you all the details about this wonderful exercise product that brings you better fitness at the comfort of your home.

Features and Benefits

Many features have been put into this remarkable exercise bike to make it an stand out from the rest. These features are:

Foldable Design – this bike can be folded in a way that it can fit under your bed. This implies that when you are not using it, you can easily fold it and place it somewhere else to create room for other stuff.

Quiet V-belt Double-drive Transmission System – gone are the days of noisy workout sessions. This feature comes into play and ensures that you enjoy a quiet and smooth workout session while entertaining yourself too.

Balanced Flywheel – this feature works hand-in-hand with the V-belt to provide you with a smooth and quiet operation, which does not interfere with your entertainment, be it TV or your sweet workout music.

8-Level Magnetic Tension Control System – tension levels can be adjusted through this feature. You can set your own tension level so as to enjoy a difficult or easier workout session.

Big Seat Cushion with Back Rest – the seat cushion is large enough so as to allow those with bigger body sizes fit in and stay cozy.

Adjustable Height – the height level of this amazing exercise bike can be adjusted depending on the user’s height preferences. It can be adjusted to fit those with 5’2” to 6’2” heights.

Hand Pulse Monitor – the heart rate of the user can be tracked by this feature. This rate is then transferred to the display screen to allow you view your current heart rate.

Weight Capacity – since all people don’t weigh the same, the designers of this bike have created it to withstand up to 300 pounds of users’ weight. This makes it ideal for everyone.

Large LCD Display – the display window is of LCD type and measures 3.3”W* 1.5”H. Distances, speed, time, scan, calories burned and heart rate are all displayed on this large screen that is clear enough for you to view and track your progress.

3-Piece High Torque Cranking System – this facilitates a smooth and consistent pedaling motion. In addition to this, the pedal design is made larger with safety straps to ensure that you are safe throughout the workout session as your feet will not slip during the exercise.

From these advanced and high-tech features, many benefits are guaranteed. These benefits include:

Quiet and Friction-free workout – due to the smoothness in its operation, you will enjoy your workout without any noise or disturbance.

Readable display – the LCD display is very easy to read and this is important as the amount of time and distance covered during the workout session are displayed for you to see.

Added comfort and better blood circulation – the large seat caters for the additional comfort level derived from this bike. The recumbent design creates an ambient cycling position that improves blood circulation in your body.

Saves Space – this is one of the best benefits of this bike. This is because it can be folded after use and kept in a different location, and this helps in saving space used by the bike.

Adjustable tension settings – you can easily set the amount of tension level to have in the workout.


Despite the many benefits, cons that come with this bike include:
Unreliable computer – some of the readings displayed by this bike are inaccurate.
Less durable – this bike does not last very long. After a few months of use it starts wearing out and breaking down.
In summary, the Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike review above has presented you with all the information you need to know about this amazing bike. Many features that are made from the best modern technology are installed for you and with it you will enjoy all your workout sessions and most importantly keep fit and stay healthy.

3-Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse review will enlighten you on all the things you need to know about this amazing exercise equipment.

Features and Benefits

This superb exercise bike has a lot of beautiful features that make it a must-have for anyone who likes exercising. The features are:

Smooth Torque Cranking System – this is the system that determines the pedaling motion. The smooth torque ensures that you enjoy a smooth and consistent pedaling motion with quiet operation. This is hugely facilitated by the precision balanced flywheel and V-belt drive, hence you can enjoy watching the TV or listen to your favorite music as you exercise.

Seating Comfort – the seat in this machine is large oversized so as to accommodate users of all sizes. In addition, a back rest is in place to ensure that you feel cozy throughout the workout sessions.

Hand Pulse Monitor – this feature keeps track of your heart rate and this helps you to stay within the target heart rate zone.

Large Window LCD Display – the display in this machine is large enough and this allows you to view and read all the data that is presented on the screen. This display indicates all the distances, calories burned, speed, time, heart rate and scan for you to view.

8-Level Magnetic Tension Control System – this feature is used for tension resistance and it allows you to straightforwardly adjust the tension level for an easier or harder workout depending on the day.

Transportation Wheels – these are in place to guarantee easier relocation of the exercise bike from one area to another.

Extended Weight Capacity – this bike is built to withstand extended user weights of up to 300 pounds.

Leg Stabilizers – extended leg stabilizers are in place to avert any movement or tipping of the bike when exercising.

Larger Pedal Design – the pedals of this amazing bike are make to be larger and also have safety straps, which prevent foot slippage when exercising. This will ensure that you stay safe during the workout sessions.

Recumbent Design – the design is made so as to allow easy on-and-off. In addition, this design is made to make you comfortable and avoid any stress to your back or knees thus you will be healthier after the workouts.

These features come with many advantages to you, and they include:

Easy to Use – the bike is very easy to use and control, and this makes it very efficient to anyone using it.

Smooth, quiet operation – the smooth torque cranking system makes this exercise bike operate very smoothly and quietly, thus allowing you to enjoy your entertainment without any hitches.

Comfortable – your workouts will be very comfy with this bike, thanks to the recumbent design and the large seat that makes you comfortable so as to enjoy every workout session.

Adjustable tension settings – you will not need to stick to one tension setting. This is made possible by the 8-level tension control system that allows you to input your preferred settings and enjoy the workout.

Easy to Move – the transportation wheels make it very easy to move from one place to another.

What are the Cons?

On the downside, this bike has the following disadvantages:

Difficult to set up – some users have complained about the set-up procedure. It requires a lot of knowledge, skill and time to set it up.

Hard to adjust – in some cases, the tension settings are hard to adjust hence taking much time.

Unstable – for those with heavy weights, this bike can sometimes tip and this makes it unstable.

Although it has some cons, this recumbent exercise bike is a very good purchase for anyone. It is very comfortable and easy to use and it makes your workout sessions a joy to partake. The Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse review above has outlined everything about this remarkable training equipment, and it is true to say that it remains to be one of the best exercise bikes ever made.

Best recumbent exercise bike under $300

1-Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Bike ( Not Available )

  • User-Friendly In Touch Exercise Monitor
  • Six Preset Fitness Programs
  • Magnetic Resistance Mechanism
  • Attached Wheels, Stabilizer Caps
  • Pulse Sensors
  • Tension Knob
  • Padded and Molded Seats and Pedals

Features & Benefits of the Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Bike

The fitness exercise bike is a vital piece of any kind of weight loss program. These machines are very effective and essential for cardio workouts. However, unlike most gym equipments, it is never difficult to use. In fact, it is very good for overweight people and those who are new to weight loss regimens and exercise in general.
One of the most popular fitness exercise bikes these days is the Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike. It is distinctive in a lot of ways and the main reason why it is preferred by most is the fact that it’s cheaper than competing brands while maintaining the same type of quality and features. Accordingly, the Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike is a rather realistic choice for starters. It is marketed as an ideal machine for an effective but low impact aerobic workout.

User-Friendly In Touch Exercise Monitor

Exercise becomes more fun and motivating when you’re able to keep track of your progress. With a large and very readable monitor, the user can conveniently watch, monitor, and track any kind of workout information he needs on the screen. He can also configure the kind of fitness program handily.

Six Preset Fitness Programs

With six built-in fitness programs, the Stamina 4825 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike is certainly the top choice for all types of exercise and workout needs. The fitness programs are ideal for those looking to start slow as well as those who want more challenge. There is also an attached pace guide that would tell you if you are capable of a certain speed target.

Magnetic Resistance Mechanism

All recumbent bikes use different kinds of resistance but the Stamina 4825 is better than the rest, thanks to a magnetic resistance mechanism. A magnetic resistance utilizes magnets for the purpose of supplying a form of natural tension or resistance. When the magnets are moved closer to each other, the tension becomes greater, thus making it more challenging to operate the bike.

Attached Wheels and Leveling Stabilizer Caps

If you’re thinking of the most convenient replica of an outdoor bike with the same benefit, get the Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike for its convenience attachments such as leveling stabilizer caps and wheels for mobility.

Pulse Sensors

The pulse sensors serve as a guide in order to stay within target heart rate zone. It is built into the handrails and can be very convenient for people who want careful monitoring and supervision when performing the exercise.

Tension Knob

Using an exercise bike like the Stamina 4825 can provide different outputs for different users. That’s why it is important to have a tension knob. This feature is great because it controls the amount of resistance the user gets to experience upon riding the bike. The knob is placed in front of the bike so that the user can easily reach and adjust (loosen or tighten) the amount of resistance without really stopping right in the middle of a routine.

Padded and Molded Seats and Pedals

The best attribute of a recumbent bike like the Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike is that it is built to provide the best possible comfort for the one using it. And because of that, the seat is padded and molded. The pedals on the other hand are big enough to accommodate large body/feet frames. Finally, the seat is designed to be adjusted in varying positions.


Stamina provides nice warranty deal for its 4825 Magnetic Resistance bike – three years for the frame and three months for parts replacement.

Are There Complaints?

There are quite a few flaws we found on the Stamina 4825 but nothing really stands out. It’s a fact that most if not all those who bought it can attribute to its reliability. Nonetheless, complaints are complaints and they always exist. As for this product in review, the most prevailing issue is the tools that come with it. We read a few comments from previous customers that the tools for assembly were kind of awkward to use because of their low quality. Nonetheless, what we’re dealing here are actually wrenches and screwdrivers so to solve the problem, why not use the old tools you have at home, right?

Best recumbent exercise bike under $500

1-Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike this awesome exercise bike, you will get to enjoy all the marvelous features that it brings to you. These features are:

Dual Track 2 LCD Window System – this display is Liquid Crystal Display, and this makes it very suitable as you will be able to view all the information passed here. All information displayed is easily visible and you can track all your data.

22 Workout Programs – you must have a good workout program to ensure that your exercise is fruitful to you and your body. This amazing exercise bike brings you 22 different workout programs for you to follow. This is to make sure that you conduct all your workouts in beneficial ways to avert you doing exercise that yields you nothing at the end.

13 Different Display Feedbacks – these feedbacks are offered to you to ensure that you track your progress. In addition, they are easily displayed on the LCD window system and this makes them easy to read and understand.

Schwinn Connect Goal Tracking – goals determine what we want to achieve as we partake in some activity, and so is in exercising. This amazing feature ensures that you track your goal accomplishment status, to see where you are in the pursuit of accomplishing your earlier set goal.

Data Export – you can export data from your bike to other devices through this feature. This makes it easier for you to keep you up to date on reaching your fitness and health goals.

20 Resistance Levels – resistance levels determine the intensity of the exercises and workouts. With all of these levels, you can select the best one for you depending on the specific day and your mood.

High Speed Inertia Perimeter Weighted Flywheel – it is very disturbing having a noisy workout session as this distracts you and thus not accomplish your set goals. This fact is avoided by this feature, since it ensures that you enjoy a smooth and quiet workout session.

Charging USB Port – you can charge your smartphone as you enjoy your workout, thanks to this additional feature that makes you stay online even as you work out your body.

2 User Settings and Goal Tracking – these are in place to ensure that you stay motivated and focused towards that attainment of your goals. They will also challenge you so that you reach your maximum threshold.

Comfy Seat and Back Rest – the seat of this fabulous exercise bike is made with the user in mind and thus it is very comfortable. In addition, there is a back rest for you to ensure that you don’t have any back injuries during the workouts.

These amazing features come to present you with many benefits, which include:

Easy to Set Up – the parts of this exercise bike are very easy to assemble and it takes very little time for you to get started on the bike.

Quiet Operation – noiseless operation of this bike is a key benefit and this allows you to enjoy your workout session better.

Smooth Cycling Motion – cycling of this exercise bike is very easy and effortless.

User Profiles are easy to set up – you can select your preferred user profile very easily as the instructions are very straightforward.

On the downside, this exercise bike has the following cons:

Seat can be uncomfortable for longer workout hours – in case you perform your workout sessions for over 1 hour, the seat can become uncomfortable.

Fan is not very powerful – in the packaging, the fan is said to be very powerful, but contrary to this, it is not always the case.

This recumbent exercise bike is truly one of the best exercise bike ever invented, and I believe that this Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike review above has shown you all you need to know about this amazing bike. Be sure to try it out and have an enjoyable and cozy workout session.

2-Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike review will give you an insight towards this amazing exercise bike, which stands out from the rest.

Features and Benefits

To make it wonderful and marvelous, the designers of this bike have implemented many superb features to make it the powerful yet beautiful exercise bike that it is. These features are:

25 Resistance Levels – resistance levels determine the difficulty of the workout session. The designers realized people’s different tastes and as a result have provided you with 25 resistance levels. You can select the best one for you here and enjoy your workout.

High Speed High Inertia Perimeter Weighted Flywheel – to avoid any noisy disturbances during your workout, this feature is put in place to ensure that you enjoy a smooth and noiseless workout session at all times.

Dual Track 2 LCD Window System – this LCD display is very visible and this allows you to view all the stats presented to you on this screen. This caters for easier monitoring of all the feedback passed to you from the machine.

13 Different Display Feedbacks – all 13 feedbacks can be displayed for you on the large and visible LCD screen. This means that you will monitor your stats and as a result monitor your workout progress.

29 Programs – you need to have a good workout program in order for you to gain from the exercises that you perform. This is why 29 workout programs are presented to you via this amazing exercise bike.

4 User Settings – these settings allow you to select the best settings that best fit your schedule and taste.

Schwinn Connect Goal Tracking – with this feature you will be able to track how you accomplish your goal, which you set before commencing the exercises.

Data Export – this amazing feature keeps you up to date on reaching your fitness goals. It makes it easier for you since you do not have to keep your progress in a separate location, which can lead to forgetfulness.

Data Exchange and Charging USB Port – these are some additional features found on this superb exercise bike. You can charge your phone as you exercise.

Cozy Large Seat with a Back rest – your comfort is taken care of by these two features. The seat is very comfy, and very large to accommodate people of different types and sizes. In addition, you get to enjoy the back rest that prevents you from getting back injuries when you exercise.

Many benefits can be derived from these amazing features. These benefits include:

The bike is ultra-comfy – the seat and back rest make you feel comfortable while you exercise.

Easy to adjust – the settings can be easily adjusted to fit your preferences. In addition, the base can be adjusted to cater for uneven flooring.

Quiet and Smooth Functioning – with this bike, you will never be distracted by noisy sounds as it works flawlessly and quietly.

Easy Assembly – no more time wasting on the assembly of this superb exercise bike. You can assemble it very fast and get started on your workout routines.

Everything has its own flaws, and the cons of this exercise bike include:

They are very sensitive and delicate – these bikes need to be taken care of very well, especially during shipping to ensure the parts don’t get spoilt.

The Fan is too weak – even if it is set at the maximum speed, the fan is not powerful enough to cool you down.

Shaking on the seat during had pedaling – when you perform hard pedaling, the seat tends to shake and this is very disturbing.

In summary, this exercise bike comes to offer you all the clever features and this improves your workout sessions. In spite of the few let-downs, the pros of this bike outweigh the cons and this means that it remains to be a good exercise bike as stipulated and discussed in the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike review above. Enjoy comfy exercises with this amazing stationary exercise bike that lives up to its standards.

Features And Benefits Of  Using Recumbent Exercise Bikes :

Any product deserves to have good features to ensure that they work well and satisfy you. Recumbent Exercise Bike come with many features, which are created from modern technology to provide you with maximum satisfaction through their functionality. These features are:

Ergonomic Designs – their designs are extremely marvelous and this helps to make you comfortable when you exercise. In addition, these ergonomic designs are present to reduce the risks of injuries during the workout sessions.

Folded Bike – some of the models can be folded easily and stored under beds or kept elsewhere to create space whenever they are not in use. This is very important as you only unfold it when you need to use it and also reduces the space used by the bike.

Semi-reclined Seat Position – the seat in these bikes are in a semi-reclined position, and this is vital for helping you strengthen your hips and thighs.

Rotating Handlebars – the handlebars on these bikes are made in a way that they can be rotated. This helps you to work your arms, back and shoulders in one seamless motion.

Easily Readable Display Screen – the display screens found on these bikes are usually backlit LED or LCD. Since they are made from these technologies, they are very easy to read, even in low-light areas.

Pedals are placed at the Front – in recumbent exercise bikes, the pedals are placed at the front of the bike. This allows you to reach then easily by lying down in a reclining position, which is good for your back and allows you to exercise for longer periods of time without feeling tired.

Additional Back Support – the recumbent seats come with an additional back support to help your back relax, hence keeping you focused on the workout. In addition, this support reduces the chances of back injuries and at the same time increasing the comfort level.

Adjustable foot straps – these are in place for you to ensure that your feet never leave the pedals throughout the workout session.

These features come with many benefits to you, and they include:

Convenience and ease of use – these bikes can be used very easily. They don’t require much knowledge to understand their functionality. In addition, they will not fail you as they are very convenient to use.

Safer to use for exercise – more relaxation is offered to you and this means that you are safer when you use them. Advanced safety also implies that the risk of getting injuries while exercising is limited.

Lead to a healthier life – exercising needs you to incorporate better nutrition in the mix, and this means that your general health will increase thus helping you achieve better health.

Affordability – these bikes are very affordable to all, and they come in many varieties to cater for everyone’s needs and wants.

Comfort during exercise – when you use them at home, these bikes are very comfortable. This is because you get to do other things as you exercise, thereby making you enjoy your workout session ad yearn for more.

Helps to build leg stamina and strength – constantly using recumbent exercise bikes for your exercises will benefit your body, especially your legs. This is because the exercise helps you to develop and maintain better leg strength and stamina.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Buying an exercise bike can be a very huge step towards enhancing your health. Due to the overwhelming options of these bikes in the market, it is vital for you to do your homework and identify the best one for you. Some things to consider before buying an exercise bike are:

Available Space – it is important to inspect the available space in your room. In case you have smaller space, it is advisable to go for a smaller bike, as opposed to the larger programmable electronic one that is suitable for larger space.

The Use of the Bike – before going to buy any bike, the purpose of the bike should be established. The bike can be used as the sole means of aerobic exercises or sometimes it can be a compliment to other exercising means, and this should be clear to you.

This will help you decide on the type of exercise bike that you will choose and later on buy.

Cycling Position – decide whether you prefer the traditional exercise bike or the new recumbent styled ones. The recumbent ones will see you pedal from a reclined position instead of the traditional upright position.

The amount of money you wish to spend – exercise bikes are available in vast categories. Some have few features while others have very many features that make using it very easy and convenient. Determine the amount of cash you are willing to spend on the bike, and know that more features means more money spent on the bike.

Workout effectiveness – it is true that people purchase exercise bikes for exercise purposes, and this is the reason why you need to determine the level to which the bike is effective during workouts. This means that you need to look keenly on all the features found on the bike, so as to determine the workout effectiveness.

Comfort level – comfort matters a lot during exercise, because it determines the level of satisfaction that you will get from the workout. Recumbent bikes are known to be comfy, and this will boost your morale and motivate you to come back the next day. The seats should be investigated so as to ensure that you enjoy your exercise and avoid back problems in a later stage.

Brands Recumbent Exercise Bike

Although they are known to be a bit pricy than traditional ones, Recumbent Exercise bikes are worth their while as they seek to offer you maximum comfort during your workouts. Their models include the Exerpeutic models, most of which are foldable and take little space. The Schwinn models are superb in that they come with their dual two LCD display with lots of features, programs and user settings. Marcy models come in with their unique designs and adjustable foot straps and resistance settings for you to choose from.

How to Choose Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

After realizing all the features and benefit of these exercise bikes, you will need to know how to choose the best recumbent exercise bike for your needs. The following considerations will enlighten you on how to do so.

Seat – select a bike whose seat fits you perfectly, and that the seat can accommodate riders of all sizes (small and large). Try the seat before making a purchase, and this will guarantee that you select the best one for you.

Height Adjustments – choose a bike that you can easily adjust its height. This will allow riders of all heights to use the bike comfortably.

Weight Rating of the Bike – once you know your weight, choose a bike that has a weight rating fitting your weight. Since most of them are rated to within 300 and 400 pounds, it will be simple selecting one for you.

Pedals – the bike should have pedals that are easy to operate so as to provide you with smooth exercising. Pedals that allow the user to strap their feet onto them are the best as they ensure your feet are in place all the time.

Safety Mechanisms – select a bike with numerous and advanced safety mechanisms, as they guarantee safe and smooth operation. The chain should come with a safety shroud installed so as to avoid advertent injuries on small children and pets.

Heart Rate Monitor – this feature keeps track of the intensity of the workout. This ensures that you keep track of your progress in the workouts. Other features that can entertain you as you work out include headphone jack and reading racks, and they boost your workout session by making sure you enjoy the workout.

Warranty Period – it is advisable to select a bike whose warranty covers materials and labor for at least one year. In case you get one with a longer warranty period, you should go for it as this means extended warranty period on the parts and labor as well.

Adjustability of the workout intensity – the bike should allow you to set your preferred intensity level that you wish to attain in a given workout session. A feature like the Adjustable Tension allows you to make the workouts more intense as your fitness level improves, thereby providing you with more challenges to boost your fitness even further.

The Recumbent Exercise Bike reviews above have shed a light on these marvelous exercise machines, which come to offer you extended comfort during all your workout sessions. They are very superb machines and thus should be considered by anyone in pursuit for enhanced fitness while at the same time enjoying all the sessions. Select the best one for you and get your own in order to improve your fitness.

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