Top 5 Best Projector Under $2000 Of 2022

Best projector under $2000

Do you want a real cinema like experience in your home? If yes, then the projector is the perfect way to go. With the best projector, the size of your viewing experience will only be limited to the size of the wall. The only thing you may require is a screen and dark room and you will be able to play games and watch crystal movies like you are in the theater. There are many projectors sold in the market. These projectors come in different models, sizes and differ in prices. In this article, we are going to look at the best projector under $2000.

Under this price range there is a bunch of projectors where you can pick from. Picking the best projector requires you to compare certain factors in order to come up with the best. Some of these factors include the level of brightness the projector can be able to produce. Contrast ratio is also important so that you can get the machine that projects quality images and content. Consider the number of inputs and outputs the machine is able to support and other optional extras. You can also look how easy the projector is to use, their money value and feature set.

Best Projector Under $2000 Of 2022

1- Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3700 3D Full HD 3LCD Projector, 1920×1080, 3000 Lumens ( Under $1500 )

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3700 3D Full HD 3LCD Projector, 1920x1080, 3000 LumensEpison PowerLite home cinema is a projector that delivers a Full HD 1080p and offers a lot to the entertainment industry. This projectors is mostly used for home entertainment and nit produces up to three times higher color brightness compared to its competitive models. Epson PowerLite 3LCD projector always ensures that you have a vibrant and quality images. Setting up this projector is easy. It is also portable and easy to use. It features up to 15,000:1 contrast ratio and supports multiple inputs and outputs.

Epson PowerLite can be adjusted to produce a powerful color brightness of 3000 lumens and white brightness of 3000 lumens. Using ths machine, the user can connect Blu-ray disc player to the machine. You can also connect gaming console or decide to stream live devices like the chromecast. With all the connectivity you will be able to project up to 300 inches on the screen or virtually at any wall. It offers two HDMI ports and MLH connectivity. Epson PowerLite is made with buit-in stereo speakers and convenient setup tools that makes it easy to enjoy any HD content out of the box.


  • Brilliant image quality
  • Easy to setup
  • Offers three times higher color brightness
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Multiple inputs and outputs connectivity
  • Projects up to 300 inches
  • In-built stereo speakers
  • Uses three chip technology
  • Convenient and easy to use


  • Offers little features compared to higher projectors
  • Not good at large business meetings

2- Optoma X600 XGA 6000 Lumen Full 3D DLP Network Projector with HDMI

Optoma X600 XGA 6000 Lumen Full 3D DLP Network Projector with HDMIOptoma X600 is a projector with great proven performance. It offers ultimate controls, exceptional brightness and excellent connectivity. The amazing colors of the projector makes it a perfect selection for any conference room or large venue. It offers a full support for Telnet, Crestron Roomview, AMX dynamic device, Extron IP Link and PJ-Link. It actually allows all the aspects of X600 to be controlled across all the network keeping the user in a great control. This projector is an environmental friendly machine that comes with energy saving features like auto power off and 0.5W standby mode hence saving you both money and time.

The Creston Roomview software of the projector ensures that you have custom configurable interface that helps in monitoring, managing and controlling every device in each room remotely from the computer. With this software, you can manage up to 250 projectors at once via the master PC. You can also control and alter the settings of the projector using the simple web browser page. The user can set up the email alerts and this great projector accepts a lot of video input signals. Optoma X600 XGA is ideal for massive installations in both business and educational environments.


  • Lower ownership cost
  • Longer life and improved reliability
  • You can monitor multiple projectors using the system integration control
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Auto power off feature
  • Proven performance
  • Extensive connectivity
  • Full support for Crestron and ultimate control
  • Powerful brightness of 6000 lumens


  • A bit tricky when setting up
  • Not welcoming for new users especially first time users

3- LG PF1000UW Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater Projector with webOS 3.0 Smart TV

LG PF1000UW Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater Projector with webOS 3.0 Smart TVThis projector is more convenient than standard projectors in the market. You can actually place them few inches away from the wall and still enjoy the large picture on the screen. This projector is compact in size and can be the best TV replacement at your home. Projecting with a resolution of 1080p, it is also equipped with multiple HDMI inputs, Bluetooth, audio, component input and an optical S/PDIF output for the user to fully integrate it with the home cinema setup. In addition to its best brightness level, LG PF1000UW is also equipped with the digital TV tuner.

Its brightness level is rated at 1,000 lumens and does well in a dark room. You can draw your curtains to have a quality view. Like other ultra-short throw video projectors, this projector is also highly susceptible into any slightest undulations in the screen or wall. The quality of the image may not be that good like that of the standard or short throw projector but it is one machine that can serve you better. You can use this projector in watching movies and playing games.


  • Contrast ratio of 150,000:1
  • 1080p resolution
  • Compact is size and it is lighter
  • Convenient
  • Single chip technology
  • Equipped with multiple inputs and outputs connectivity
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Equipped with digital TV tuner
  • Pretty


  • Poor image quality compared to other projectors in the same category
  • Low brightness level

4- Sony VPLHW45ES 1080p 3D SXRD Home Theater/Gaming Projector – I Highly recommended

Sony VPLHW45ES 1080p 3D SXRD Home Theater/Gaming ProjectorSony VPLHW45ES offers a lot apart from being one of the cheapest projector compared to its competitors. It produces a wonderful full HD 1080p projection with any type of content you are working with. The unique thing about this projector, is that this machine is quiet and this is an important thing more especially when you are working with something that requires a bit of dialog. It is large but a stylish machine. It comes with two HDMI ports, component video and D-Sub inputs. Its contrast ratio of 120,000:1 is well achieved using a Sony software. It also include the 3D playback capabilities.

Sony VPLHW45ES offers excellent light and black levels for those individuals who are not comfortable with the 4k. Featuring the DLP technology, this projector is compact and light hence easy to move with it around. It looks great with all black finish that has bit more style compared to comparable projectors in the same category. Also the machine has good usability and friendly setup which makes it clear for beginners or first users and experts same. Cable management hood is available and this machine is absolutely affordable with all these great features.


  • Quiet operation
  • Stylish
  • Supports 3D
  • Incredible pictures
  • Over a billion colors
  • Easy to setup
  • Supports multiple inputs and outputs connectivity
  • Affordable


  • Weak audio
  • Not rich in features

5- Epson EMP1985WU PowerLite LCD 1080p Projector

Epson EMP1985WU PowerLite LCD 1080p ProjectorThe Epson EMP1985WU PowerLite projector is ranked among the best projector under 2000 because it offers excellent picture quality and high resolution for both WiDi and Miracast for wireless connections. With 4,800 lumen rating, this projector stands ready to give an image that is big for any large room and bright to withstand any ambient light. It has great resolution that supports both WiDi and Miracast for better wireless connections. The projector will let you show your images from two different sources at once using a split screen.

Epson EMP1985WU projector machine supports Epson’s control software running on the PC to enable the user manage up to 50 image sources and then show around four of them on the screen at once. This model uses 3-chip LCD engine which guarantees you that they will not show you the rainbow artifacts which are potential problem with the single chip DLP projectors. Design of the projector ensures that the color brightness is same as the white brightness. This therefore means that the user should never worry about the difference between two affecting quality of the color.


  • Bright
  • High resolution
  • Supports WiDi and Miracast for easy wireless connections
  • High quality for both images and video
  • Allows you to show images from two different sources at once
  • Uses three-chip technology
  • Compact in size and lightweight


  • Does not support 3D


Projectors can give the whole new meaning to the movies, games and TV programs. It is now clear that with the best projector, you can have a great experience like that one of the movie theater in your own house. These projectors have made things easier and cheaper. They have actually replaced the ordinary TV with a much bigger screen and high quality. These projectors come in different models and prices. We have reviewed five projectors and come up with the list of best projector under 2000. These are the projectors that can meet all your requirements if you are looking for a projector within that range.

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