Top 5 Best Projector Under $1000 Of 2022

Best projector under 1000

Whether you want to save some space and you don’t want to deal with the cumbersome big screen TV or you simply want the legit theater experience, the best projector is the greatest investment you can ever make. Projectors are perfect for sports, movies and even games. It can simply turn any living space into the epic entertainment center. The good thing about these projectors is that they do not need a massive budget to fulfill all this. This is because many of these projectors can be found for less $1000. Finding the best projector under $1000 is not a big deal because you have a lot of options to choose from. It is important to remember that when buying the projector, it is preferable to choose the top performance projectors in the various price ranges.

When finding a projector under 1000 dollars, there are various factors to consider so that you can get the one that performs well. Contrast ratio is one of the factors. This refers to the difference between brightness part of the image and the darkest part. This influences the quality of the image. Brightness is also another factor since it also influences the image quality. Resolution of the projector matters a lot and in this price range, the standard resolution is 1080P full HD. Color accuracy is also another factor that we should never forget since it enhances or devalue the viewing experience. It ensures that your images appear more realistic and natural.

Best Projector Under $1000 Of 2022

1- Epson Home Cinema 2040 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector

Epson Home Cinema 2040 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater ProjectorThe Epson projector has got two models, one brand with 2000 lumens and another one with 1800 lumens. This projector supports HD and can display decent images up to 300 inches. Epson home cinema features a mobile HD link that is called MHL. This projector supports 3D and the user can access games, movies and many more via the smartphone. Epson has HDMI ports and in-built speaker system for perfect sound. With brilliant image quality, Epson Home Cinema can give you up to 3 times brighter colors than other brands. Setting up this projector is easier with a versatile picture correction tools available the user can easily align the pictures in seconds.

In addition to great entertainment from the projector, it also has an Epson 3 chip technology which gives a true color as you view images and videos. The lamp of this projector lasts for long to about 4,000 hours of use. The user can perfectly view the images with in-built color modes that optimizes various content and settings. Absolutely this is a friendly-budget projector with high definition video quality. It works with 3D and 2D and runs cool the moment you use it in Eco mode. Adjusting Epson home cinema is easier because it uses keystone corrections and it contains the auto IRIS.


  • Great resolution of 1080p
  • Built-in color modes that optimizes different contents and settings
  • Friendly-budget projector
  • Great image quality
  • Works with 3D and 2D
  • Runs cool if you use it in Eco mode
  • Easy to setup and adjust with the keystone
  • Supports multiple connectivity


  • No backlit remote control
  • Underwhelming fan kicks experience

2- ViewSonic PJD7828HDL 3200 Lumens 1080p HDMI Home Theater Projector – I Highly recommended

ViewSonic PJD7828HDL 3200 Lumens 1080p HDMI Home Theater ProjectorSecond in our list is the ViewSonic PJD7828HDL that offers great features to make your home entertainment experience great. This machine is best in functionality and price performance. This is a full HD projector with a resolution of 1080p and brightness level of 3000 lumens. Contrast ratio of this projector is 15,000:1. Supports HDMI, 3D Blu-ray, video input with a lot of PC inputs. It has an optical zoom of 1.3x, built-in speakers, DynamicEco and keystone correction. The DynamicEco function helps you place the machine in the standby mode to reduce brightness when it is not is use.

ViewSonic PJD7828HDL is designed for office and home use. This 3D video projector contains the black exterior design which can be used in bright environments. It weighs up to 4.6 pounds and the machine measures 8.7 by 10.5 by 3.3 inches. It also offers great features like the six-segment color wheel that has an auto source detection. The PC supports 3D to 120Hz and mostly it is powered by the DLP link technology. ViewSonic PJD7828HDL is best for gaming and movie viewing. It gives a bright and excellent colors for better images.


  • Good for gaming
  • Gives bright and excellent colors
  • Built-in speakers
  • Designed with 3000 lumens together with the contrast ratio of 15,000:1
  • Full-HD 1080p
  • The HDMI is ready and filter-less design
  • Portable and durable
  • Easy to setup


  • Needs fine tuning
  • The user cannot set colors in 3D

3- Optoma HD26 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

Optoma HD26 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater ProjectorThis video projector is less expensive compare to the HD37 and does not pack the weak punch. The brightness levels of Optoma HD26 is sufficient to present a decent image under the moderate ambient lighting conditions. It produces the image quality that is on a top-notch. The device is 3D support and its short lag time makes it an interesting projector for home use. It is more compact and lighter compared to its competitors. Its small size and weight makes it portable hence you can move around with it. It has manual focus and a manual zoom of 1.1 to ensure that the setting up of the projector proceeds in shortest time possible.

It has HDMI ports whereby one HDMI port is for MHL compatibility. This enables great connectivity as tablets and smartphones devices feed their content into the projector with a lot of ease. Optoma HD26 has the highest brightness of 3200 lumens than any other projector in the price tag. The brightness level can be adjusted using any of the predefined brightness as the Eco mode preset. The quality of audio is exactly at par with in-built speaker system. The best setting on this projector is the video mode that offers highest color accuracy and highest color temperature that suits in the dark environment


  • 3D support
  • High brightness levels
  • Suitable for gaming
  • Two HDMI ports for MHL compatibility
  • Portable
  • Produces decent images
  • Compact and lighter
  • Easy setup
  • Extensive input connectivity


  • Requires a pair of RF glasses or DLP link glasses to watch 3D
  • Rainbow effects on video

4- BenQ DLP 1080p Projector (HT1070) with Sport Mode Designed for Brilliant Fast-Action Sports

BenQ DLP 1080p Projector (HT1070) with Sport Mode Designed for Brilliant Fast-Action Sports, Full HD Home Theater Projector with RGBRGB Color Wheel and Built-in AudioBenQ HT1070 ups its competitor on size. This projector is lightweight and compact in size. It is equipped using 1.3x zoom and its manual focus and the vertical lens shifts for more versatile but very easy setup. Its brightness level is 2,200 lumens and it is sufficient for the image size of 183 to 248 inches. If you introduce light with a moderate intensity, maximum image size produced is between 120 and 130 inches. It has several brightness mode and handles the images decently. Moving on saturation and color accuracy, are more than acceptable for exciting viewing experience. It is also equipped with in-built 10-watts audio speaker system.

For an extended connectivity, this projector is well equipped with two standard HDMI ports which also supports the MHL connections. The video input is possible via the composite video component and the VGA ports. Also the projector has three RCA-phono plugs for efficient image transformation. Since all the inputs connections supports 3D formats, it is easier for you to relay the 3D content from the video sources such as the cable box or the Blu-ray player. This can be done by simply connecting your projector to the video source using the HDMI cable.


  • 3D support
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Extensive connectivity
  • Terrific image quality
  • Equipped with 10 watt in-built speakers
  • Produces decent images
  • Top-grade performance


  • Brightness level is not that good
  • Poorly responsive touchpad

5-BenQ Gaming Video Projector (HT2150ST)

BenQ Gaming Video Projector (HT2150ST)If you got some money to spend and you are looking for the best projector to buy, then BenQ video machine is best choice for you. It has a rapid response time and 6x RGBRGB color wheel that makes your game feel natural. The colors of the image projected look into the point. This projector has an outstanding brightness. The good thing about the projector is its different settings that can be customized for better viewing of movies, games and television. It has built-in speakers that are pretty good for those individuals who do not have sound system.

BenQ projector has a 10,000 lamp life and the brightness of 3000 lumens display. Supports a Full HD blu-ray images. The Eco blank function enables the user to blank the screen when he or she wants to turn the attention of the audience to somewhere else. The Eco blank function function turns on automatically if there is no source detected. The projector features both the front and rear projection modes and it has multiple input options.


  • Has HDMI ports
  • Has keystone correction
  • Quality images
  • High resolution
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great mediocre contrast
  • Good video performance
  • Durable


  • Poor sound


Buying a projector for your home or business use sometimes it is a difficult thing. It requires you to do a lot of research to get the best project that will bring a wonderful experience into your home. In this price tag, you have a wide range of machines to choose from. This is because most of the projectors range from 100 to 2000. After a good research, the above projectors tops the list of best projectors under $1000.

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