Best Digital Voice Recorders Of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Digital Voice Recorders

A digital voice recorder (DVR) is a small hand-held device that is used to record voice memos to a memory chip, and play the memos back. It can also be used to record lectures, conferences or conversations. But standard DVR’s are unsuitable for recording music, as the sampling rate is lower than used for quality musical reproduction. Digital voice recorders come in various capacities (maximum recording time), dependent on the amount of internal memory. There is another factor that effects the maximum recording time: the quality setting of the recording. DVR’s offer two settings: a higher quality setting for a clearer recording, and a lower one. The lower setting uses a lower sampling rate, and therefore less memory. On the other hand, the highest quality setting will allow the fewest recordable hours. Digital voice recorders are extremely handy for a variety of uses. The good thing is there are no moving parts. Upon finishing recording, you only have to press play to hear the recording immediately. Pause, search, and tracking through files are all standard features. Here you can find some of the most recommendable models.

Best Digital Voice Recorders Reviews 2022

1 – Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder with Built-in USB Voice Recorder

 Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder with Built-in USB Voice Recorder

  • Intelligent Noise Cut Technology
  • Multiple Recording Function
  • Built-in 4GB Flash Memory
  • Convenient and Clear Display
  • Voice Operated Recording Technology
  • Built-in Speaker and MP3 Recording
  • Fast File Transfer

Features & Benefits of the Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder

With the hope of recording basically every type of audio you want, you will essentially need a recorder that can practically do everything you want it to do. Hence, you should be looking at this Sony Mono Digital Voice Recorder. It can do most of the things you need for it to do, at least in the perspective of recording live music, notes, lectures, and more.

Intelligent Noise Cut Technology

This trademark feature from Sony allows the digital flash voice recorder to significantly limit and reduce background sound, which in turn allows you to obtain recordings that are not just crisp, but also substantially clearer and better in overall quality.

Multiple Recording Function

The Sony ICD-PX370 Voice Recorder is a multi-recorder, or something that can record and store not just voice files, but also other things related to sound including live music, notes, lectures, and the like.

Built-in 4GB Flash Memory

For anyone who uses a digital voice recorder, it can be quite disappointing to record something and in the process cut it short due to low or lack of memory. That is why Sony puts in a massive and sufficient 4GB flash memory in order to make sure your recordings are done and finished the way they’re supposed to. But if you are still no contented, there’s also an expandable memory card slot to make room for more recordings.

Convenient and Clear Display

What’s even remarkable about the Sony Digital Flash Voice Recorder is the integration of a fine and easy-to-read display that is intended to provide the user a clear view of the data relating to the audio or voice recording process.

Voice Operated Recording Technology

The recording function of the Sony ICD-PX370 Voice Recorder can be done and initialized through voice operation, which basically means it is a very advanced type of digital voice recorder that you may never have encountered previously. With it, voice recording is deemed a lot easier, faster, and more convenient.

Built-in Speaker and MP3 Recording

The digital flash voice recorder from Sony also comes equipped with a built-in speaker for recording playback. The result is more convenience in instantly hearing what you just recorded. Also, the output is formatted in MP3 file extension at 128 kbps

Fast File Transfer

With the inclusion of a USB cable, you have the chance to transfer files from the Sony Mono Digital Voice Recorder to the computer easily and conveniently. And what’s even better is that the device is compatible for both Windows and Mac systems.

Is There a Warranty?

Sony provides a product replacement warranty for up to one year, depending primarily on the reason that warrants replacement.

How About Drawbacks?

As for flaws, some consumers believe and claim that the microphone is a bit sensitive. Another one thinks that the case, which is made of plastic, can be slippery at times. But then again, those observations are merely based on their personal experience and there is really nothing serious with regards to technical issues or damage coming from the Sony ICD-PX370.

2 – Olympus VN-702PC Voice Recorder

Olympus VN-702PC Voice Recorder

  • High Quality Recording
  • Built-in Stand
  • Long Recording Time
  • Calendar Search
  • Multi-Format Recording
  • USB Connectivity Function
  • Scene Select

Features & Benefits of the Olympus VN-702PC Voice Recorder

When you’re searching for a high quality voice recorder, you must look into the Olympus name. For one, the VN-702PC Voice Recorder from Olympus is the latest to be added in the company’s line of digital voice recorders that can do more than just recording sound. It is a high quality device with urbane features and a lot of advanced functionality.

High Quality Recording

There are a lot of things you can do with your Olympus VN-702PC Voice Recorder. For one, it is a great device for taking notes when you’re in the middle of a lecture or class. You can also use the same for capturing and recording high quality audio in both MP3 and WMA formats, which of course are the two most widely used sound file extensions.

Built-in Stand

The voice recorder is designed with a built-in stand situated at the back of the body, the purpose of which is to reduce noise and distortions coming from the surface the moment the recorder are placed on the table to start recording. The design is modeled after a kickstand so that the user is able to conveniently read the menu with less effort.

Long Recording Time

Because the Olympus VN-702PC Recorder comes equipped with 2 GB of internal memory, you get the chance to record up to 823 hours of audio. It includes capturing and lectures, notes, music, and even more room for storing data and store documents. And if it isn’t enough, you also have the opportunity to expand the memory and storage capacity with the aid of the microSD slot. The expandable memory slot can accommodate up to 32 GB of memory.

Calendar Search

This Olympus voice recorder comes with a variety of features and functions and that includes the Calendar Search function, in the process allowing you to conveniently search your files by date and then play each of them easily.

Multi-Format Recording

One of the greatest benefits of having an Olympus recorder is that the company leans towards recording audio in two standard high function formats, namely MP3 and WMA. What it means is that you don’t have to worry about compatibility both in record and play back.

USB Connectivity Function

What the USB connectivity function provides is the easiest form of fast file transfer in connection to your personal computer. Furthermore, it has become a lot easier to store, upload, and download the same files through email or file sharing websites.

Scene Select

The built-in microphones have the ability to automatically adjust based on the kind of environment where the recording takes place. So if you’re in a conference room for a meeting or perhaps in your own room recording, the microphones will adjust so as to make sure the device extracts the best sound possible.

Product Warranty

A one-year limited warranty is provided for the original purchaser, courtesy of the manufacturer, Olympus. The warranty starts from the date of the purchase of the product.

How About Drawbacks?

In all honesty, we’ve been through practically a thousand reviews online about the Olympus VN-702PC Voice Recorder and we haven’t really encountered or stumbled upon a notable flaw or complaint coming from the people who have tried using the voice recorder.

3 – Sony ICD-BX112 Voice Recorder

Sony ICD-BX112 Voice Recorder

  • Dictation Correction
  • A-B Repeat Function
  • Convenient Backlit Display
  • Add Recording
  • Stereo Recording, External Microphone
  • Voice Operated Recording
  • Digital Pitch Control

Features & Benefits of the Sony ICD-BX112 Voice Recorder

If you are looking for a digital voice recorder with super portable and convenient features, the Sony ICD-BX112 Digital Flash Voice Recorder is your best bet. It is a pocket digital voice recorder that can fit just about anywhere, be it on your pocket, briefcase, bag, or even a pouch.
For someone who needs something to take with them for recording lectures, business meetings, and perhaps a music session, the Sony ICD-BX112 Flash Voice Recorder provides the most reliable and high quality audio and sound output.

Dictation Correction

For a digital audio recorder, a dictation correction feature is essential. For one, the function enables the user to press the record button even during the playback process. As a result, the device will overwrite the recording, in the process correcting and fixing the original recording.

A-B Repeat Function

The purpose of the A-B repeat feature is to mark the beginning and the ending of a specific recorded passage or audio. As a result, the recording will be played repeatedly, which in turn makes it convenient for the user who needs such kind of function, say for instance, in language training.

Convenient Backlit Display

Some digital audio voice recorders have that glaring problem wherein the display is simply too hard to see, especially in dark and zero-light areas. But the good news about the ICD-BX112 Voice Recorder from Sony is that there is a backlit display, enabling the user to easily read and see the display even in environments where there is low lighting.

Add Recording

One very innovative feature is Add Recording. With it, the user can handily press the record button during the playback and at the same time automatically put in additional recording at the end of the original recording without really affecting or distorting it.

Stereo Recording Combined with External Microphone

There’s also a high quality external stereo microphone for the best possible stereo recording. With it, the user is assured that the recording output is at its best quality and distortions and background sounds are minimized.

Voice Operated Recording

Furthermore, the voice operated recording is another convenient feature integrated in the Sony ICD-BX112 2GB Voice Recorder. The feature works by starting and stopping the record function as soon as sound of the ideal level is picked up by the stereo microphone. As a result, a lot of recording time is saved and conserved since there is no more need to record those times or instances when there is a sudden loss of sound.

Digital Pitch Control

Finally, the sophisticated digital pitch control feature provides the device the ability to record at both a faster or slower rate without necessarily changing the pitch or any level of quality of the recording output.

Is There a Warranty?

The warranty length provided by the manufacturer, Sony, is listed at ninety days both for parts and labor. The coverage of the same warranty includes repair and even replacement in case of purchasing a defective product.

Are There any Flaws?

In an attempt to look for drawbacks and flaws from the voice recorder, we have come to conclude that the only thing that is worthy of mention is the tendency of the recorder to record distortions and sound in the background. But then again, it has something to do with the sensitivity of the microphone and such issue is inherent in most if not all digital voice recorders.

Buying a Digital Voice Recorder

The most glaring advantage of a digital voice recording is the fact that it can record longer than the traditional tape recorder. Of course, tape recorders have become obsolete and most people don’t use it anymore because it is almost impossible to transfer the recorded file to the personal computer.
But digital voice recorders vary in so many ways so you have to know what to look for in them. The features you want must be based on what your needs are. For instance, you might be using it for business so ensure you’re also looking out for features intended for business. So here are the most important factors and considerations:

Recording Time

Some of the most expanded digital voice recorders can record up to five hundred hours. However, don’t easily fall for it because it the concept of voice recording, the fewer the hours of recording time there is, the better the quality of the recording there is. Hence, if you purchase something that has lots of recording time, it can mean that the quality may not be as ideal as you want it to be.

Data Storage

If you really are thinking of using the digital voice recorder for business purposes, then you have to pick something that can read and handle other file formats apart from voice files and recordings. Hence, you pick something that has a built-in USB mass storage function. With it, you are able to use the same device for storing other kinds of files including documents, images, and of course audio. With data storage function, you no longer have to carry with you a separate flash drive or external drive.

Recording Features

The ideal digital voice recorder should likewise have a wide range of features in order to ensure you get your recording tasks and jobs a lot easier and more convenient. For instance, look for things like voice activation, cue and review, LCD display, and others.

Connectivity Functions

When you opt for the cheapest digital voice recorders, properly the most notable absent feature is PC connectivity. So you basically don’t want to purchase something that doesn’t allow you to connect to the PC and transfer files. Always get something that has computer connectivity and USB interface so that you can easily and quickly transfer files including your recorded audio or voice data.

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